Photos of the WCG Camberwell Congregation

Taken on Saturday 8th March 2014

(Click here to see the names of the people.

WCG Camberwell Congregation 8<sup>th</sup> March 2014

Taken on Saturday 17th August 2013
by visiting preacher, Tony Goudie

WCG Camberwell Congregation 17th August 2013

Tony Goudie visits many churches in the UK and likes to take photographs of the congregations to display to the other congregations he visits, thus bringing us all closer together.

When he visited Camberwell on 17th August 2013, as it was the middle of the summer holidays, many of the congregation were away including our Pastor, Barry Robinson and his family. However, this is the photograph of the members present. (Click here to see the names of the people.

Older photo taken on Saturday 7th July 2007

WCG Camberwell Congregation 7th July 2007

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